I Help Doers Build Real Success with A Proven Strategy

Being an entrepreneur is not only challenging;
it's also pretty lonely and filled with lots of failures

Have You Noticed? Most people only want to talk about the success that comes with entrepreneurship. But do you really know how to navigate the inevitable failures that are part of reaching your success?

  • Do you feel like you’re dealing with too many things?
  • Do you need help getting clarity and a clear strategy?
  • Do you need structure but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you asking yourself how all the successful entrepreneurs do it?
  • Are you confused and wonder if you’re doing it right?
  • You know you have what it takes, but you don’t know how to make it happen?
  • Do you need someone who can show you exactly what you need to do?

I've dedicated my life to teaching entrepreneurs how to get what they want while still remaining healthy, happy, and strong along the way.

I can relate to what you experience - I’ve been there!

Over the past 27 years, I’ve…

  • ...started 7 companies in three different industries
  • ...built a franchise with 13 branches
  • ...coached more than 20,000 people
  • ...generated over $20,000,000 in revenue
  • ...experiences life from these 3 angles, as a professional athlete, in the health industry with a praxis for Asian therapies and as an entrepreneur
  • ...overcome a 8-figure bankruptcy

In other words, I don't share what I learned from books, but what real-life taught me. If you don’t know how to go on, if you stuck and feel frustrated, I know exactly how I can help you reach the next level.

"My mission is to empower and guide doers to become healthy and successful Leaders in business and life."

THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION IS NOW! The path to success is easy - if you know how to do it!

  • Understand the CORE 4 and take responsibility
  • Find out what you really want
  • Know your starting point 
  • Create your master plan
  • Learn how to stay focused
  • Produce momentum and remain consistent
  • Experience success and keep going

Be the author of your own story and create your dream reality.


Who is Pascal Bachmann?

Pascal Bachmann is an international speaker, author, life and business strategist who empowers and coaches entrepreneurs to be successful leaders in business and life.

Creating healthy, successful, and wealthy lifestyles is what Pascal is most passionate about. He is on a mission to awaken 1 Million hard-working, ambitious entrepreneurs on the planet to the new understanding of what real success is, so they can lead healthier, happier lifestyles and accomplish what most consider impossible!

Pascal believes that health is greatly misunderstood. Most entrepreneurs are sabotaging their future successes by neglecting to learn how to create a healthy mind, healthy body, and a healthy business at the start of their journey.

Trained as a professional athlete specialized in Martial Arts, Pascal embodies the discipline, mindset, and passion of a go-getter and brings into his coaching practice real-world experience and painfully learned lessons of losing it all and learning to rebuild from scratch.

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Healthy Millionaires

Ready to become the author of your own story and create your dream reality?

The first step toward that achievement is to recognize where you're at. Determine the areas of your life that aren't working, and then seek out possible solutions and strategies that can help you transform. I've created this workshop to give you the knowledge and awareness needed to help take that first step toward transformation.

Health Secrets & Diets

Health begins in the mind! I can say this with great authority after serving in over 20,000 personal coaching and treating clients using Chinese medicine practices in the health domain over the last 27 years.

But it's not good enough for you to hear it from me. You must know it for yourself.
This quiz is how you figure out what fuel to use for your body.


More and more business owners are likely having to deal with anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and often even fear. Companies of all sizes hire me to speak about solutions and create a unique framework that empowers people to customize their own master plan to navigate the current storms and emerge more victorious, healthy and fulfilled.


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Pascal’s approach is brilliant. He saw right away what I need to change to reach my goals. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to grow in business AND life!

Dr. Sas


Pascal's approach is profound. A coaching full of knowledge and inspiration. Exactly what I needed to get to the next level and grow my team.

Marcus Stein


I resisted being coached for a long time. Today Pascal is a mentor and I recommend him to all of my business colleagues. Brilliant!

Diana Smith


"Make sure you reach your goals healthy, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy them!”

Pascal Bachmann