Pascal Bachmann is a motivational speaker
with nearly 30 years of experience.

Pascal Bachmann is a motivational speaker with nearly 30 years of experience. He has participated in dozens of conferences and conventions around the world.

Pascal’s insightful perspective on today’s personal development, health and business trends leaves audiences with ideas to discuss and ideas to put into action. Pascal travels all over the globe to deliver valuable, educational and content-rich keynotes to a great diversity of audiences.

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Speaking Topics

Empower Your Audience to Achieve Lasting Success and Optimal Health
Invite Pascal Bachmann to reveal proven strategies for building sustainable business success while maintaining physical and mental health. With his unique experience as a world-class athlete and a multi-industry entrepreneur, Pascal offers practical insights into thriving in both business and life. This keynote is perfect for motivating your audience to elevate their professional achievements without sacrificing their well-being.

Inspire Action Towards a More Responsible World
Bring Pascal Bachmann to your event to challenge and change the way your audience thinks about their impact on our planet. Through a compelling narrative, Pascal will discuss the power of personal decisions in shaping a sustainable future, inspiring attendees to lead changes that matter. This session is ideal for audiences interested in sustainability and social responsibility.

Transform Ordinary Businesses into Sources of Joy and Success
Pascal Bachmann will share his extensive coaching experience to show your audience how to transform their businesses into fulfilling pursuits that reignite their passion. This practical workshop is designed for entrepreneurs at all stages, providing them with strategies to make their business a source of pleasure and success.

Equip Your Audience with Tools to Overcome Any Challenge
Engage Pascal Bachmann to teach your attendees how to harness the power of mindset to overcome barriers and achieve the extraordinary. Drawing from his own remarkable life experiences, this session will provide practical techniques for pushing beyond limits and achieving goals previously thought impossible.

Challenge and Overcome Limiting Beliefs for Personal and Professional Growth
Challenge your audience with Pascal Bachmann’s extraordinary journey through a 100-day water fast. This talk goes beyond personal health, exploring how the principles of discipline, commitment, and challenging societal norms can be applied to enhance personal and professional life. It’s a powerful session for those looking to inspire profound change in their lives and the lives of others.

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