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Hi, I'm Pascal Bachmann

I welcome you to my site. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say and for allowing me to add value to your life. But before we get down to business, allow me to give you a little backstory!


When I look back on my 27-year career, I can’t help but think about the challenges I have had to overcome. I’m guessing you’re the same? When we think about how far we have come, we also tend to think about everything we have had to do to get where we are. It’s only natural! This mindset can inspire us to further action if we have already reached some of our goals.

If we are just working toward our goals, on the other hand, then we need to focus instead on all our abilities and gifts rather than on challenges, obstacles, and pitfalls. As a coach and Mentor, I have become an expert at helping people navigate these challenges, obstacles, and difficulties – without obsessing over them.

Although I am an expert in health studies, nutritional science, and medical activities, my approach to business is unique and I prefer to think of myself as just your life and business strategist. Coaching for me extends far beyond any boundaries that we may draw between “physical” and “mental”: the coaching that I offer merges these components and my strategy is always a complete, well-rounded transformation—transforming both the body and the mind.
I was 18 Yeas old and realized early that employment is not the right thing for me…
Dating back to my first job, the entrepreneurial urge within me was intense. I knew from my first day of employment that I wanted to go out on my own. It was very much the notion of working for myself that appealed to me. I had ideas. I had a vision. I wanted to be in charge of it all.
Life and Business Strategist
Throughout my career, I have asked myself questions like: “How can I help people?”, “How can I solve “that” problem?” and “What do others need from me?” Then I’ve strived to apply myself to following through and coming up with answers. If I were working for someone else, I may not have that freedom – which just wouldn’t make sense for me in the long run.
After an apprenticeship as a butcher, I worked around for a while and worked as a butcher, painter, construction worker, martial arts instructor, and fitness trainer until I finally ended up in sales. After just 3 months, I was among the top 10 salespeople in one of the largest household goods company in Switzerland. During this time, I realized that sales is all about strategies and I was able to save money to fulfill my dream.

I sold everything I had and went to Thailand to live there…

For more than 10 years I was fascinated in Martial arts and trained my way up to the top level. To fight and to become a world champion was my dream and in 1996 I was finally competing at the World Championship in Taiwan. But life had different plans for me, and an accident ended my career at the age of 22.

My first major setback that forced me to rebuild

I came back to Switzerland at 22, started over and opened my first business. Since then, I’ve successfully launched seven other companies in 3 different industries. Has it been easy? Nope! Have I made mistakes? Of course, I have! Through every mistake, though, I have learned something about myself and the world at large. I have seen the highest highs – speaking to thousands of people from stages – and the lowest lows – declaring bankruptcy – and still have I taken from every experience a lesson that has made me stronger and more effective at coaching.

Pascal Bachmann Story | Life and Business Growth Strategist

This leads me back to you...

Do you feel like something is missing in your life right now? Perhaps you’re not quite sure what it is, but you feel something is amiss. Or maybe you’ve been wanting something for long, but it doesn’t seem to be manifesting no matter how hard you work? Perhaps for you, it’s not about missing something; it’s about feeling like you’re on the verge of breaking down physically from the pressures and overwhelm of your current demanding life?

Whatever the case, regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help.
Life and Business Growth Strategist

I’ve worked with people who struggled to find any kind of success in their lives… I’ve also worked with businessmen who are incredibly successful, earning millions of dollars in annual revenue. Still, they are exhausted and unhappy that they can’t find enough time to take their loved ones on a weekend getaway. So, wherever you might be, I totally understand you. It’s my mission to guide you toward your fullest potential. To make sure that every area of your life is optimized and healthy.

Ready to become a healthier, happier, and more successful version of yourself?
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Are you ready?

Yours in perpetual growth,

Core Values

Pascal’s vision is a world of self-responsible Leaders who live their lives with purpose and contribute to each other. This world carries a frequency of positivity and love. He is unequivocal on what he does, ensuring that he lives his mission in how he thinks, acts, and feels.

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