Pascal Bachmann is a motivational speaker
with nearly 30 years of experience.

Pascal Bachmann is a motivational speaker with nearly 30 years of experience. He has participated in dozens of conferences and conventions around the world.

Pascal's insightful perspective on today’s personal development, health and business trends leaves audiences with ideas to discuss and ideas to put into action. Pascal travels all over the globe to deliver valuable, educational and content-rich keynotes to a great diversity of audiences.

SPEAKing topics

Health & Wealth – How To Have it All    ( 75 minutes, including Q&A session )

Building a business is easy. Generate long-term success, staying physical and mentally healthy, and improve in business and life during the entrepreneurial journey, is a complete different story. After being a professional athlete on a world-class level, having a praxis for Asian therapies, creating 7 businesses in 3 different industries, generating more than $20 Million, and coaching more than 20,000 people, Pascal is in the position to share what he learned. The view and experiences from 3 different angles make him and his approach unique. He doesn’t share what he learned from books, but what real-life taught him.

  • Pascal will showcase in an inspiring way why most Entrepreneurs fail and what they can do to be successful.
  • This is the perfect keynote or workshop session for does who want to bring their business and life to the next level.

Irresponsible Society – What You Can Do Today To Be Different    ( 75 minutes, including Q&A session )

The world is in change. And it is not planets fault, it is YOU and every other human being that has the privilege to life on this beautiful paradise called Earth. But for how long more can we do that? It all begins with how we see things. And that my friend, is a decision. This keynote can elaborate upon how our society is not just what it is, but also how we perceive it to be. He describes the perception and how today’s society see the world. Their own world which creates the word we live in. In other words, our world.

  • Pascal illustrates in an impressive way how society is constantly moving towards convenience, which leads us to perceive the idea of achieving faster and faster results in all areas of life.
  • A serious fun session, that will leave everyone in the room completely engaged. Filled with facts and how to make a difference.

How To Create A Business That Fulfills     ( 75 minutes, including Q&A session )

Too often, a business becomes just a job. How much fun do you have in business? How fulfilling is it? How much fire is there left? In all his coaching over the years, Pascal recognized a pattern responsible for success or failure. This lecture is for all new and experienced entrepreneurs who need a refresher so that the implementation of the vision gives pleasure. Again!

  • Learn how to make your business a hobby and how work never feels like work again.
  • Understand the subconscious process that causes listlessness, stress, and anxiety and how to turn the tables again.

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